6x8" (15x20cm) Sticky Print

6x8" (15x20cm) Sticky Print
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Sticky Prints are an amazing new way to display your beautiful prints. Sticky Prints are removeable, repositionable, and easy to apply to any clean flat surface. Just peel and place your Sticky Prints wherever you like. Want to change up your display? Simply remove and reposition your Sticky Prints. It’s that easy!

Sticky Prints won’t ever show any ‘air bubbles’ on display. They are printed on a durable, flexible print material with thousands of tiny suction cup like dots on the rear, and these perform the brilliant sticky work on your wall. This creates a beautiful print without any annoying ‘air bubbles’…you’ll love them!

Sticky Prints are not stickers. They do not use any glues or adhesives, so they won't leave any residue or marks on your walls. And if a Sticky Print side or corner slightly loses suction with your wall, just give it a rub to help it sit back!

Sticky Prints come in a huge range of sizes and are perfect to display, change up, and reposition all of your fabulous prints. Get stuck into Sticky!

So how does it work? Check out all our great Sticky Print videos here! 



Description: Sticky Prints are printed on a durable, flexible, non-stretch print material. Sticky Prints are supplied on the printed sheet, and each print is kiss-cut with corners ready to easily peel and place. Thousands of tiny suction cup like dots on the rear surface create the brilliant sticky suction that makes them removeable, repositionable, and so easy to apply.

Formats: Sticky Prints are available in a huge range of sizes in rectangle or square formats.

Application: Sticky Prints are designed for use on clean interior wall surfaces. The smoother & cleaner the wall surface, the better they stick! Before application, it is important to check any painted walls have been prepared and painted according to the paint manufacturers specifications. Do not apply Sticky Prints to any painted walls that have not been ‘primed’ or ‘sealed’ prior to painting, as this introduces a risk of paint peeling when Sticky Prints are removed or repositioned. During application, remove the Sticky Print from the backing sheet, making sure to keep the rear of the Sticky Print clean and free of dust or dirt. Simply place the Sticky Print in position and firmly rub your hand over the surface, and it will stick in position.

Delivery to store is free. For Australian domestic delivery to your home or office, please review all delivery information

Care: Depending on your wall surface, a Sticky Print side or corner may slightly loses suction with your wall, if this occurs just rub your hand over the surface to stick it back. Wipe dust with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any cleaning fluids.

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