Santa Pack - Installation & Operator Guide

1. Update or Install Santa Software

This year, you will need to either automatically update your existing Santa Gift software or manually install the software.

1.1 Automatic Update

Automatic Update is only available if you already have the existing Santa Gift software on your IK Server.

1. To determine if you have the Santa Gift software already installed on your IK Server, go to the Windows START button, type "FujiGift" into the text box and the FujiGift icon will appear. Click to open the program and start the updating process.

2.  An application install security warning prompt will appear - click install.

3. You may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework depending on your Windows version. If you see the below - click Accept

4. This will begin downloading. Once downloading is complete your computer will need to reboot - click Yes to reboot your computer.


5. Once your computer has rebooted, installation will resume - click Install.

6. When installation is completed, the software will automatically open and look like the below.

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1.2 Manual Install

If you do not have the Santa Gift software installed, please follow the below steps.

1. Open up your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the following link into the web address:

2. A popup will appear at bottom of webpage - click Run.

Depending on your Windows version you may receive a "Windows protected your PC" message. To proceed, click on "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".


3. If you have a different version of windows, the popup may appear as below - click Actions.

And in the next popup, click "More Options" and "Run Anyway".


4. Your computer may potentially require the installation of Microsoft .NET Framwork will need to install - click Accept. If your computer does not display the below, skip down to Step #6.

5. This will begin downloading which needs to reboot your computer once download complete - click Yes.


6. Once your computer has rebooted, installation will resume. Next popup will ask to begin the Santa Pack Installer - click Yes

7. Winzip extractor will begin automatically.

8. Next message will ask if you want to install this application - Click Install

9. Santa Gift software will now install and once completed successfully the program will automatically open. The updated version of the Santa Gift software will appear as the below screenshot. 

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1.3 Settings Configuration

For both Automatic and Manual installations, you will need to configure print settings in the Santa Gift software.

The default print size setup has the 8x10, 8x12, 12x8 and 10x8 print sizes outputting to 12 inch paper. If your machine has a maximum paper width of 8 inch you will need to reconfigure the 8x10 and 8x12 print sizes to output to 8 inch paper.

To adjust the print size configuration follow the procedure outlined below or you can download a printable PDF here.

1. Click on the Settings icon in the menu and enter the password 7777. 

2. Click on the print size tab to access the current settings. Use the drop down menus to change the print size associated with the 8x10 and 8x12 sizes.


Set out below are the 2 basic configurations. Note : If you are using a printer with 12 inch paper you will not need to make any changes to the print size setup.

12 inch paper configuration

8 inch configuration

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2. Photographer Module

New for this year, a Fujigift Photographer Module will be available. This program allows for Santa images to be sent from the photographer's computer directly to the Fujigift software on your IK Server.

To run the Photographer Module you will need to source a store laptop or computer and set it up where the Santa photos are being taken. Once setup you will need to download the software onto the laptop (see below 2.1 Module Installation). 
More details on operating both the Photographers & Lab mode can be found on the Santa Pack Operator Guide in section 3 of this page. 


2.1 Module Installation

On your photographer's computer, follow the same steps above in 1.2 Manual Installation to install the Photographer Module. 

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2.2 Connection to IK Server

You have 3 options to link the Photographer module to the Santa Gift software on your IK Server

1. Wireless Connection
If you are in range of the Transpix wireless network, you can connect and use this wifi network. Ensure you tick the checkbox Connect Automatically.
Once you have successfully connected to the Transpix wifi network, you will need to authenticate your connection. See below step 2.3 Authenticate Connection
2. Wired Connection
If you prefer to use a wired connection or if your Transpix network is out of range, you can connect via a network cable (also know as LAN cable / Ethernet cable).
1. Plug one end of the network cable into the photographer's laptop.
2. Plug the other end of the network cable into the network switch that the IK Server is also connected to. You can plug into any of the free ports.
3. You can find the network switch by following the network cable that comes out of your IK Server (machine running DCM).
4. If you require any further assistance please speak to your IT network team.
5. Once you have successfully connected via a network cable, you will need to authenticate your connection. See below step 2.3 Authenticate Connection
3. Manual Transfer
If neither of the above options are available in your store, you can export the images onto a USB and manually import into the Santa Gift software on your IK Server. Further information on this process can be found in the Operator's Guide.

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2.3 Authenticate Connection

After connecting the Photographer's computer via the Transpix Network or a wired connection you will need to authenticate your connection.
1. Open Windows File Explorer and type into the address bar: \\ikserver
2. It may take a short while for the below username and password popup prompt to appear.
3. Access the username and password via the below box link Alternatively, you can access by logging into your Harvey Norman PhotoCentre Folder on box and navigating to the folder: IK Server Authentication Password
IMPORTANT: when entering the username and password, make sure that Remember Credentials checkbox is ticked
 4. Once authentication is successful, your folder should look similar to the below screenshot. As a check ensure there is a folder named SantaNetworkPath. If you do not see this screen, double check your wireless or wired connection and retry from step 1.

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3. Santa Pack Operator Guide

You can download a printable PDF here

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4. Fujifilm Technical Support

Should you have any questions or issues with the above please log a call with the friendly team at Fujifilm Technical Support at 1800 226 355 (option 2 - technical support).

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