Online Christmas Ordering Process Guide


To make it easier for customers to order their Christmas Photos without going instore, we have introduced the option for customers to order their Christmas Packs online using their own family photos and have these printed instore using the NEW Bordered Pack Options so it still has the Christmassy feel. 


For Customers to Order Online:

  • Visit
  • This will show a landing page of all the Christmas Pack options that are available including the Free Print Option where the customer will need to enter in a coupon code FREE2021 to get their free Christmas Photo. There is only 1 free Christmas Photo per account

NOTE: There is clear communication on the landing page and also on the product selection screen that these products are only available for Pickup instore and home delivery is not available. This is due to the packs needing to be created via the instore FujiGift Santa Software.

  • The customer chooses the Christmas Pack option they would like to order from 6x4” Photo, $20 Pack, $30 Pack, $40 Pack.
  • The customer is then redirected to that specific product in Reimagine where they are required to upload their chosen Image.
  • Once the image has been uploaded, they then add this image onto the placeholder and align or crop as required. This is an 8x12” Placeholder which is the largest print size available in the packs.



  • The customer can then add their item to the shopping cart and complete the order by signing in or creating a new account, selecting their chosen pickup store and completely payment.

NOTE: If they have selected the Free Prints option, they will need to add in the coupon code FREE2021 to make the price of the print down to $0.

  • The customer will receive an order confirmation via Email with the order processing through the system as per an online to instore Digital Print Job.

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to limitations in the software, the customer can still select to have their Christmas product delivered to home. This is not an available option. A report will be run throughout the day which will identify customers who have selected the Christmas Packs and chosen to delivery to Home. The Harvey Norman Photo Centre Customer service team will contact these customers to advise that their order can’t be completed and they will need to reorder and choose pickup in store. The team will also process a refund for the customer.

  • Customers can also order their Christmas Packs on the Mobile Application or directly through the Imagine Application by going through to the Posters Module, choosing the category of Christmas Packs and selecting their Pack option and completing their order. The product clearly states that the product is only available for Instore Collection.







  • On your Server, Digital Control Module/ DCM, go to the instore Jobs tab.
  • Jobs coming from online to instore will appear in instore, With P to indicate Paid.
  • Highlight the job to print, right click and select ‘Print Job Label’ from the drop down list. Attach this to the order packaging as part of the fulfilment process and if necessary print another copy for the customer.



  • Tick the ‘send’ box to process the Christmas Photo. You will notice that the type will be posters rather than digital prints to identify this is a Christmas Photo Order.



  • You can double Click on the job line in the DCM to view more information on the pack that the customer has ordered but you should also have this information on the job label that has been printed.



  • To view the online and mobile orders that are sent to your store, view the Online Tab in the DCM. You can see when the order download status and resubmit the order if required.



  • Once the order has been sent to be processed, the job will then appear in the D:/Jobs folder showing the job number that has just been processed. Open this folder and this will then list Christmas Pack the customer has ordered.
  • The image shown within this folder can then be copied over to the FujiGift Santa Software to complete the customer’s order.


NOTE: It is suggested that you create a shortcut to the D:/Jobs folder to easily find these jobs,



NOTE: Please ensure that you choose the Bordered Pack option so that the customer has the Christmassy feel. Also check the cropping within the FujiGift Santa Software to ensure the customer receives the optimal Christmas Pack output.


Please follow the FujiGift User Guide for any assistance processing the Christmas Pack.



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